About the Slingshot Channel
The Slingshot Channel is a hobby based, non-profit operation.
We don’t sell slingshots, and we don’t ever want to make money with the channel.
It is all about the fun.

Jörg Sprave, the team leader and owner, was born 1965 in Dortmund/Germany, where he lived for the first 18 years of his life. He then studied economy at the university of Paderborn and achieved a master’s degree in business administration (1989). After a long career in the field of electronic and entertainment product development and distribution, he is currently the CEO of a mid size consumer electronics company located in Kronach/Germany.

He likes weapons of all kinds, including firearms and knifes, but his special love is currently dedicated towards slingshots. He has made hundreds of frames, but also invented several slingshot crossbows and other rubber powered weapons.

Other hobbies are weightlifting, collecting fountain pens and riding enduro motorbikes.

Jörg Sprave is also a renowned author with several short stories published online, but also two books in print (both in the German language). He lives with his family in Burgkunstadt/Germany.