Q:Do you sell your slingshots?
A: The handmade weapons, no. But we now also run a store, where you can buy mass produced slingshots that I designed, plus accessories.

Q: So there is no way I can buy one of your handmade slingshots, just the mass produced models?
A: Exactly.
But I have also published several tutorials, usually complete with pdf blueprints.

Q: Where do you get your bands?
A: I make them at home, from Thera Band rubber mostly. You can download my band manual here:
And you can find my online band dimension calculator here

Q: Where do you buy your rubber?
A: Ebay. Search for Thera Band Gold. You can also find it in stores that sell orthopedic supplies, but ebay is usually cheaper.

Q: Where do you get your leather?
A: Ebay. Search for "leather hide". You can often get leather for free from your local shoe repair store, they have lots of perfectly useable scrap.

Q: Where do you find your ammo?
A: I buy my steel balls from www.kugel-winnie.de and I cast my lead balls at home, from scrap lead I buy on ebay.

Q: Do you ever use tubular rubber?
A: Sure, but I like the much better performance of tapered flat bands.

Q: Are you German?
A: Last time I checked, yes. :)

Q: Where do you live?
A: Germany, Southern Hessia.

Q: What is your job?
A: I used to be a manager in consumer electronics. I still do some consulting in that field, but mostly I am a YouTube Creator now.

Q: Do you have an engineering background?
A: No, I have a master degree in business administration.

Q: Why do you never show braced slingshots?
A: I don't like braces. Clumsy, and only needed for poorly designed slingshots. Plus, they are illegal here, got banned in the 70's - some demonstrants smashed up police gear and the press created pressure.

Q: Who films your videos?
A: My beloved wife Tanja. And my worn out, trusty tripod.

Q: Have you ever hit your hand?
A: Yes. That happened with a very dangerous construction (the rooftop slingshot), and I got sloppy. Never hit my hand with a conventional slingshot.

Q: What camera are you using?
A: I currently film with a Panasonic UHD camcorder. I also have an Olympus iSpeed LT, which can shoot 1000 frames per second (in 800x600 resolution). I use the Olympus for the super slow motions, obviously.

Q: Why are you no longer using the slingshotforum?
A: I got offended there, and did not get the support from the admins and mods that I was expecting. So I left. But it was time to start my own forum anyway.

Q: Do you patent your inventions?
A: No. There is not enough money in selling slingshots to pay the legal fees.